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Chateau Minuty is one of the leading estates of Provence and is to be found on the wine lists of France’s finest restaurants. Its rosé cuvées are exceptional when you consider that making rosé is more difficult than making red wine.

#1 selling Rosé in Cannes, Nice & Saint-Tropez; as a matter
of fact – the entire French Riviera!
CHÂTEAU MINUTY ROSĖ - Cotes de Provence

Chateau Minuty Rosé consists of Grenache, Tibouren, Cinsault and Syrah grapes. The freshness and persistence of this cuvee perfectly express the property’s old Grenache and Tibouren fruit, as well as the exceptional terroir on which they grow.
- 40% Grenache : - this grape in the raw is fruity, with high levels of sugar which contributes to the alcohol content of the wine that allows all of the combined flavors of the wine to be preserved.

- 25% Tibouren : - This ancient Roman grape is very aromatic with a spicy taste and smell typical of Provence.

- 25% Cinsault : - Light skinned, this grape can taste and smell of ripe blue fruits, nut, and spices. It is usually used to blend and soften the wine.

- 10% Syrah : - These grapes are tannic without being harsh. The syrah will give aromas and tastes of black-berries, currents and perhaps a little black pepper.

Combined qualities of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes produce this Cru Classe Rosé.

Typically consumed young and fresh, Chateau Minuty Rosé is structured to be enjoyed throughout all seasons of the year without limitations to just Spring and Summer.

Tasting Notes:
A wine of a pale rosé color with shadings of a rose petal tone joined by glints of orange and a fade tending toward a silvery hue. The wine is bright luminous, limpid and displays good concentration.

The nose reveals purity and finesse and is initially rather restrained but quickly evolves with notes of tart red fruit such as red currants and raspberries. With aeration the wine takes on a riper character with notes of strawberry jam or raspberry jelly. A wine that also reveals floral aromas of roses and freesia.

On the palate the wine reveals a rather refined attack with flavors of jammy red fruit. The acidity is evident and lends a thirst-quenching aspect to the whole. A lively and tasty wine that is enjoyable for its purity and finesse on the palate.

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